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In Velika Gorica on 26 and 27 October Zelena mreža aktivističkih grupa (ZMAG), City of Velika Gorica and Eco region Velika Gorica, is organizing the 2nd Forum for Food Sovereignty “Fine Threads of Local Development” as well as a fair of organic produce and ideas.

The overall Croatian food system from production to consumption has become less sustainable in the last few years. In the last year the agricultural production saw a decline for 9.9%, and from a producers’ country we have become import addicts (more than 40% of our food is imported). The food sovereignty concept represents a change form “below” and it promotes ideas we all together, producers and consumers, look for as solutions for survival.

The organisers promote respect for the right to quality and appropriate food concerning our climate and culture, as well as production that does not endanger people or environment. Although we often see around ourselves more problems than solutions, there are a number of initiatives in Croatia that are trying to offer an alternative and bring back motivation and faith in some better times.

At the Forum the participants are going to present their projects with the aim to encourage open dialogue on current topics. As a conclusion the guidelines and priority areas are going to be defined as well as the possibility of joint operations.

Doris Mudrovčić, member of the Kinookus Association, is going to present the ESSEDRA project at the Forum. One of the set tasks of that project is mapping gastronomic diversity of Croatia with the goal to preserve the value of traditional products, farming and cultivating techniques as the best tools for sustainable economic and social development of rural areas.

At the fair of organic produce and ideas the members of the Slow Food Dubrovnik, Marijeta Čalić and Denis Bogoević-Marušić, are going to present at the Slow Food stand some of the traditional products of Dubrovnik-Neretva County.