OPG clanak

"Down on the Corner", Friday, 6 September at 10.30pm

The first seed was planted at the family farm (OPG) already around the year 2008 when Zore gave us the homegrown carrot seed.

That seed had been growing and sprouting without sanitra and pesticide all the way until 2012 when we realized that all our friends love, just us we do, roasted potatoes more than anything, but those same friends used to love prosciutto sandwich and the vegetarians always liked to discuss over lunch what meat they used to like eating when they were younger.

And then one day all curcuma was gone and everything has changed since.

Baba Mare helped us remember how people used to live and how and at what seasons fruits and vegetables were cultivated, and how today we eat some food of strange names and we have bananas throughout the year as if they were out indigenous sort.

That is why we have started the family farm (OPG).

Today at the family farm we produce Crazy Agricultural Music, and all the music products are Original, Natural and Amazing.

Who are the members of this unique band? Find out on Friday, 6 September at Kinookus FFF!