«All of you who dream of happiness...» - maybe you also dream trying to imagine the food sovereignty of an unknown medieval lord shown in the mural in his small church above Ston? Or you might be intrigued wondering what kind of freedom seed his serf was sowing while working in the Ston field closely followed by the look of the lord watching from the nearby hill? Or maybe not, as those are the topics of this year’s festival, and so far you have not thought about it. It does not matter, because if you are mobile and interested we are happy to start raising questions for you and with you!

This year’s episode of the youngest Festival section UNSEEN is going to take you – on bicycles and on foot too – on a stroll through the Ston Field where we are going to try and think about and figure out what did the sky above Ston look like to the above mentioned lord and/or to his serf when they raised their eyes towards the sky, or why it was forbidden for women to stay over night in a nearby mill, and we are going to take a peek to see what the vicar of Mali Ston, father Tomo, ate on holidays at the end of the 16th century. The bicycle-walk through the archaeological sites and deserted heritage includes brunch, a much more modest one than father Tomo’s, but equally homemade, organic and from Ston. We are going to get up early, repeat some things from last year, add something new, mix and stir, and then simmer for around three hours on the early-September morning sun. Oh, and one more thing, hope for the best. For real.