reciklirano imanje

On June 15 and 16, 2013 in the village of Vukomerić (a place not far from Zagreb) there was a meeting of GSE (groups of solidarity exchange) from all Croatia. The venue was the property of the organization ZMAG (where all the necessary equipment as well as the house are made of recycled materials). The date of the meeting coincided with the Gruntvig Project of International Exchange therefore GSE groups from Italy, Belgium and France participated, too. Kinookus was represented by its members Doris Mudrovčić and Marijan Kocković who reported about the situation in Dubrovnik. The main objective of this gathering was to get acquainted with the members of other organizations, to exchange experiences and ideas as well as to promote solidarity mutually motivating each other for further work.

The associating started on Saturday (June 15) in the Goran Hanžek’s workshop from GSRijeda were one could learn how to make bread from sour dough. After that the organization AIAB from Umbria was introduced. They talked about their ideas on food sovereignty. Following was introduced GSRijeda (Mario Maric), GSR Pozitiva, GSR Zapad, GSR Cakovec, GSR Pod Učkun and the organization Kinookus with Slow Food convivium from Dubrovnik, the organization that started the solidarity exchange in Dubrovnik. After very pleasant talks and introducing, Dubrovnik was commended for being the best-developed net and got offers for exchanging from North Croatia.

The day ended with an organic food snack and Boal’s Theatre, a spontaneous theatrical piece in which the audience was encouraged to take part and thus contribute to the play by their own ideas. The host of this play was Danijel Balaban from GSR Pula.

U nedjelju (16.6.) program je otvorila Ina Delić iz GSR Pula, “pričom za dobro jutro” (kazalište pripovijedanja za djecu i infantilne odrasle). Predstavili su se Réseau des GASAP ASBL (Belgija), MIRAMAP (Francuska), GSR Jato, GSR Pula, GSR Poreč, GSR Maksimir i GSR Karlovac. Održana su i tri predavanja: “GSR komunikacija s medijima” (Gordana Dragičević, aktivistica i permakulturistica), “Kako potaknuti stvarnu solidarnost unutar grupa” (Aleksandar Medić, GAS Calci, Italija i mreža URGENCI), “Alternativni fondovi za proizvođače” (Astrid Bouchedor, MIRAMAP, Francuska).

On Sunday (June 16) Ina Delić from GSR Pula opened the program with “a good morning tale” (the theater of tale telling for children and infantile adults). Introduced were Reseau des GASAP ASBL (Belgium), MIRAMAP (France), GSR Jato, GSR Pula, GSR Poreč, GSR Maksimir and GSR Karlovac. Three lectures were also held: “GSR Communication With the Media” (speaker Gordana Dragičević, activist and permaculture farmer), “How to Encourage True Solidarity in Groups” (Aleksandar Medić,GAS Calci, Italy and the net URGENCI), Alternative Funds for Producers” (Astrid Bouchedor, MIRAMAP, France).

This rich programme of GSRs meetings was completed with workshops where one could learn how: to make crochet with yarns obtained from plastic bags – how to make new and original from old (Ivana Pavačić – GSR Jato) and how to do Composting in Your Flat (Cvijeta Bišćević – GSR Pod Učkun)

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