terra madre balkan

The representatives of Kinookus Association Ana Nakic and Ivo Kara-Pesic, together with Maro Kristic, Head for Tourism and Entrepreneurship of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County met today with the Minister Tihomir Jakovina and his consultant Zvjezdana Blazic.

Ivo Kara-Pesic presented the ESSEDRA project whose project leader is the Slow Food Movement. The project is financed by the European Commission. This four-year-long project in which Kinookus is the Croatian partner, has for its main objective helping small traditional producers from the Balkans area and Turkey as well as advocating for a new model of farming based on traditional methods and knowledge of rural communities. Minister Jakovina has shown special interest in one of the aims of the project i.e. the mapping of Croatia that would provide details for definingthose traditional producers who need help to preserve their products and cultivars.

The main issue of the meeting was the possibility that the Ministry of Agriculture supports the holding of Terra Madre Balkans meeting of traditional producers planned for 2014 to be held in Dubrovnik. This manifestation was started three years ago and it is the first network that unites food communities of different nations from the same region. The last two meetings took place in Sofia (Bulgaria), but due to the forthcoming joining of Croatia into EU and the great success of the Kinookus Food Film Festival, Slow Food organizers began considering the possibility of moving the event to Croatia.

With Terra Madre taking place in Dubrovnik the Ministry of Agriculture would actively participate in one of the largest EU projects supporting small traditional producers. Special stress will be on creating those policies of the European Common Agricultural Policy that seriously consider the peculiarities of traditional and organic farming. At the same time Croatia and its gastro tradition as well as its high-quality autochthonous organic products will be promoted both on the regional and international level.