SFD at Salone del gusto and Terra Madre 2012


SFD na Terra Madre i Salone del gusto

Salone del gusto and Terra Madre are the two biggest Slow Food events that take place every year in Torino, the capital of good, clean and fair food.

Salone del gusto was founded in 1996 representing today the largest healthy food fair in the world while since 2004 Terra Madre has been organizing meetings of traditional producers from every continent. At present Slow Food has over 100.000 members in almost 150 countries and it is the most important movement involved in the preservation of traditional agriculture and farming in the world. This year the organizers have joined these two events and at the same time, from October 25th to 29th, there was held the Sixth international congress of the movement. The importance of the movement even at the political level, was confirmed by the presence of Mr Josè Graziano da Silva, general director of the FAO and by Mr Daciano Ciolos, European commissioner for agriculture and rural development. They both gave credit to the movement for continuous fighting to preserve the biodiversity and developing numerous projects and initiatives.

The numbers confirming the success of this year joined venture are very impressive: over 1012 participants, more than 200.000 visitors and 50 conferences on food, restaurants ad scientific researches.

Slow Food Dubrovnik introduced the products of its members from Dubrovnik-Neretva County with great success on Terra Madre: wines from Peljesac, olive oil from Korcula, and bitter orange marmelade from Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik convivium was one of the few participants who succeeded to present all three products not only on the stand: olive oil Torkul of Fanito Zuvela from Korcula and the wine Plavac Mali of Denis Bogoevic-Marusic were presented at the prestigious Slow Food tasting workshops that this year were more than 140. The only oil that did not get any negative remarks from the famous Italian expert for olive oil Diego Saracco – on the contrary he said he liked it very much - was the oil of the family Zuvela.

At the wine testing a young wine producer from Peljesac was commended for the excellent start. The taste tester Eugenio Mailler and the wine historian Yann Grappe claimed that it was a wine that reminded old times when the type of drunkenness had been one of the criteria for its evaluation. The experts were also very surprised by the fact that a person so young comitted himself to the production of wine. When Mailler learned that the wine producer was 38 he exclaimed: ”You see what effect has producing and drinking of good wine! You look ten years younger!”

The bitter orange marmelade was chosen for this year documentary on Terra Madre producers. Romana Hansal from the Dubrovnik organization Desa spoke in front of the cameras of Slow Food press about the history and importance of the marmelade for The Dubrovnik area.

The enormous importance of such a great event for our traditional production was immediately recognized by the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce as well as by the Dubrovnik County Chamber whose representatives Mr Maro Kristic and Ms Nikolina Trojic visited the fair and the stand of Slow Food Dubrovnik. The visit presented a good opportunity to meet Mr Pietro Sardo, the second man of the Slow Food organization and the president of the Slow Food Foundation for biodiversity. The meeting was held in a very friendly atmosphere where possibilities for a cooperation in organizing several great events in the County were discussed. Ms Trojic and Mr Kristic were impressed by the size and by the organization of the event as well as by the potential it offers for the presentation and promotion of Croatian traditional products.

To learn more on the impressions from Salone del gusto and Terra Madre 2012 visit the Facebook on the profile of Kinookus and Covjek na zemlji (Man on Earth) associations.