Energy Of Women, Sun and Undertaking



On Friday morning Ston woke up in high spirits, refreshed by the north easter. At the Kinookus market a new event: two young engineers Marko Capek and Robert Pasicko participants to the project UNDP and the Solar Educational Center from Zadar.

They presented their solar bicycle as well as a solar cooker and a solar mobile phone recharger. People from Ston together with the guests and visitors were able to ride the solar bike, recharge their mobiles and have a coffee or tea cooked on sun rays power.

At the Kinookus section of children workshops the italian artist Claudia Brugnaletti and the children finished the landscape of Ston made of seashells and other natural materials.The interest for this workshop was so huge that the principal of the Ston elementary school Mr Mirko Mamic allowed the pupils to absent from school in order to take part in the second day of the workshop and finish their work.

The film program started at 10 a.m. in the little hall of the Fort Arcimon screening documentaries and feature films presented in the competition part of the Festival Okusavanje with a special screening of the Belgian production Himself He Cooks. In the atrium of the Rector's Palace Kinofokus introduced two guests from Belgrade: Srdjan Stankovic and Darko Grbic belonging to the Supernatural movement. They told the audience how the river island Ada Huja on the Danube was transformed from a city dump into an educational park. The visitors and guests enjoyed the interesting history of the Supernatural Festival wherefrom the movement, its phiulosophy, projects and stages of the making of the park had developed.. At the end of the lecture two short fims: the first one showing the works done on the island, its transformation from the city dump into a park that was given back to the citizens of Belgrade. The second one is a promotional spot for the project Slow Food Serbia. Its main objective is to preserve and promote traditional food products from various parts of Serbia with a special stress on the role of peasants in it.

After that, pleasant getting together in the crowded Orsan in Mali Ston where an Aperitive Corner was organized in cooperation with the restaurant Bota Sare. Screening of the documentary Yoghurt with Ashes from Pokot directed by two Italian directors Francesco Amato and Stefano Scarafia. The film is about a traditional chemical product that Slow Food tries to preserve and promote. In the course of the screening visitors enjoyed specialties of the restaurant Bota Sare and wines of wine producers Crvik.

After that the visitors returned to Ston by Kinobus to continue watching the film program at the cinema Arcimon.In the beautiful space iside the ramparts of Ston, under a bright starry night the film Without Makeup (Senza trucco) directed by Giulia Graglia. It speaks about four women, wine producers, from four Italian regions. The public was delighted and awarded it with a long applause. After the screening the coordinator of the Festival Mr Ivo Kara-Pesic had an interview with two women from well known family wine producers: Ms Marija Cebalo from Korcula and Miss Franica Milos from Peljesac. In a pleasant atmosphere they chatted about the film, about characteristics of autochtonous sorts of vine and various standpoints concerning vine growing and wine producing.

They also pointed out the so important coexistence between wine, its producers and the climate. The program continued with the screening of the Irish film The Pipe and was ended by the concert of the duo Father McKenzie whose excellent and arrangements of rock,reggae and soul hits attracted the visitors who filled the piazetta in the centre of Ston.