County Prefect commended Kinookus FFF


zupan pohvalio

Eternally immersed into the Mediterranean and as such representing a whole universe of communication and multi-layered interaction, for centuries the people of Dubrovnik have been travelling and hosting, learning and sharing.

The County Prefect Nikola Dobroslavić and Principals for tourism, sea and entrepreneurship, and education, culture and sport Maro Kristić and Marijeta Hladilo together with the organisers of the cultural event Kinookus discussed the third edition of the Food Film Festival taking place between 5th and 9th September in Ston.

At the occasion the County Prefect pointed out the importance of this festival the County has supported from the very beginning and he also commended the organizers Ivo Kara-Pešić, Maro Kocković and Ines Vasiljević for their idea and its realization. The three organizers and initiators of the Festival thanked the County Prefect for the support and they represented this year’s programme.