Fireworks of Creativity at Cinexperiment Workshops 2012



This year’s affluent workshops programme for children within the Cinexperiment section of the Kinookus Food Film Festival has been designed and organized by the association Čovjek na Zemlji from Dubrovnik.

The young participants will be developing their creativity through sensory education, making of recycled rustling instruments and gala dinner table decorations. Following the workshops the entertainment will continue through dancing and music by educational music group Vrtuljak Klub.

At the Slow Food workshop dealing with education of senses the children and pupils are going to have the opportunity to find out more about characteristics of different vines of the Pelješac area, how to recognize their taste and learn something about gastro-cultural importance of this magnificent plant for our whole territory. The workshop is organised and run by Marijeta Čalić and Ivana Butigan, the members of the association Čovjek na Zemlji with the help of a young producer of ecological wine from Pelješac Denis Bogoević-Marušić.

At the second workshop inspired by brothers Grimm’s fairy tale “Table-Set Yourself”, children will be using their imagination and creativity to make decorations for gala dinner tables. The children will be combining different art techniques and recycled materials, and they will get to know some of the traditional ways of table decoration. The workshop is organised and run by the academic painter Ivana Selmani and educator from the Museum of Natural Science Dubrovnik Katarina Ivanišin Kadrum.

At the third workshop run by Morana Depoli and Matej Trpin, also members of the association Čovjek na Zemlji, children will transform the food energy into sound. By using castaways the young participants will be making instruments which are then going to be filled with different pulse and grains from our area. At the end of the workshop everyone will join in a rustle like an autumn forest in the wind all accompanied by the sounds of the songs by Vrtuljak Kluba from Dubrovnik.

This unique band was set up with the intention to educate children through dance, fun and songs. At the Vrtuljak Klub concerts children through different musical combinations have the opportunity to experience music as if reading a picture book. The bend illustrates every song through a story using a method of drama interpretation educating young listeners about the topics of the song motives. With the help of their friend, a Dalmatian dog Floki, the members of Vrtuljak will take the workshop participants to the journey around the world of imagination!

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