Nevigjeno! The new section on the Kinookus FFF 2012



The third edition of the Kinookus Food Film Festival will have one more section! The member of the Association Kinookus and one of the most eminent young experts in the art history of Dubrovnik as well as that of the protection of monuments in the 19th and 20th century, mr Ivan Vigjen, will be its editor and leader.

The section will go under the title of Nevigjeno (Unseen). Nevigjeno will give the guests and visitors of the Kinookus FFF the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Ston and its surrounding through educational excursions and through the eye of this exceptionally witty lecturer.

What is awaiting for you on biking tours and trekkings where you will be told little known stories from the history of the Republic of Dubrovnik shall to the last moment remain a secret.