The Fifth Kinookus Food Film Festival


Kinookus 2014 visual web

A small food film festival in Ston has come to its first anniversary – the fifth edition. We have decided to celebrate it through the topic «Taste of Surprise». We have prepared a number of audio-visual and flavourful surprises for the festival guests and visitors in all sections, which at the same time invite them to reflect on some of the burning issues of our time in reference to the current food system and the corresponding economic model.

The Cinexperience film section programme, which this time brings to you excellent documentary and feature films portraying food in the most diverse ways, has three surprises in store. You will find out which films are being shown on the very day of their screenings! All three documentaries deal with vital issues regarding our country. One of them opens the Festival, while we as a community are protagonists in the second. The third one is a new work from a director who forever changed the fate of this film genre ten years ago, when a documentary he made screened at the famous Cannes Film Festival. The fifth edition is going to host several directors who will talk about their works, and interesting discussions will take place after the screenings with people whose life stories closely relate to the films.

The Cinefocus section brings the story of launching the first world-wide food film festival network told by our guests from the Amsterdam Food Film Festival, the largest festival of this type in Europe. Surprising flavours of beer from one of the best known family breweries are coming to us from Italy, and from Dubrovnik an inspiring story of a long awaited refreshment on the catering scene. An intriguing story from Zagreb, a story about food being literally the question of life and death is going to remind us that a surprise can taste bitter too.

The Cinexperiment education section for the young this year is directed and run by one of the most original festivals in Europe, the Belgrade Kids Patch. The children will have an opportunity to participate in unique workshops of animation, recycling and illustration, which made Kids Patch famous all over Europe and the United States.

On the Cinelocus market of organic and traditional products we will host our old, dear friends, as well as producers that are participating in the FFF for the first time. The visitors will be able to find out directly from the producers all about the unique products that are still struggling to find their well-deserved place in the shops.

At the Aperitif Corner in Mali Ston, in Orsan, we are welcoming two very specific festivals: Sisak Eko Film Festival and the travelling Rural Route Film Festival. Both festivals hold hidden surprises for all the senses. The Unseen section, which is in itself a hidden surprise, is going to reveal a new agro-archaeological adventure in the surroundings of Ston to a selected 15 fearless, curious participants. In the evening, the section GramoSton will present you some of the most talented Croatian DJs and musicians, and on Saturday 6 September, a special funk party is on.

 In these times when the media, ever increasingly powerful and present, bombard us daily with horrifying, absurd and bizarre content, perhaps the completely ordinary things have become a truly surprising experience. This Kinookus edition would like to remind you of that very notion.