foodies velika

"The most important thing about us is that we love food. We are true foodies and that's how we are known in Bulgaria. The passion about food came to us at different stages of our lives but together we started exploring the vast opportunities in growing, and preparing food. We don't limit ourselves and our imagination and we are always open to new ideas, foods, and cooking techniques. This is maybe because Boyana has a masters degree in chemistry and Boris have always been a techno geek though a macroeconomist by education.

Currently we have a small grocery store that features high quality Bulgarian food by small producers. We have been organizing different events related to natural foods and healthy dining. For the last two years we have been developing a small catering business and quite soon we bought an already established small culinary school where we can teach other food lovers everything that we have learned over the last ten years in the kitchen. We do traditional and fusion cuisine and for the last three years we have been doing some molecular cooking inspired by the Harvard School of Applied Science and Engineering, where the course Science and Cooking is gaining more and more popularity."

At the Kinookus FFF 2013 Foodies will participate within the Kinofokus section, cooking Balkan specialities. They will also organise a workshop for kids (Kinopokus section) on molecular cuisine.