Dubrovnik NGO's Kinookus and Man on Earth will be presenting their festivals and activities at the Belgrade Supernatural Festival taking place on April 21 2013 on the Danube peninsula Ada Huja.This is an excellent opportunity to introduce the peculiarities of Dubrovnik and Ston, the Kinookus Festival as well as local traditional products and their producers.

Since 2007 the Supernatural Festival has been celebrating April 22, the International Day of the Planet Earth.The Festival promotes the preservation of the environment, of education and culture as basic values of true sustainability and community living in harmony with Mother Earth.

After six years of Supernatural Festival, the greatest ecological event in Serbia, the organizers have started a project of revitalizing the eco-system of the river peninsula Ada Huja where there existed an illegal dump. The peninsula has been changed into a Supernatural park, into a center for the protection of the environment, as well as of education and culture. At the same time Supernatural is gathering an experts group that are working out the technical documentation for solving the problem of pollution of Ada Huja backwater.

For more informations about Supernatural festival  you can look here.