Supernatural Festival Hosted at Kinookus 2012



Srđan Stanković, originally from Dubrovnik, is the creator and director of the Supernatural Eco-music Festival. The festival was held in Belgrade in different locations for a number of years.


Six successful editions of the festival had the privilege of hosting some of the most popular local and international musicians and experts in environmental science. Supernatural grew even further while forming into an active movement, initiating and implementing various projects dealing with environmental protection, education and eco culture. With growing popularity and influence of the festival, Srđan and his friends were aspired to present some visible and tangible results and decided on a permanent location for the festival.

The development project "From a Dump to a Park" was established. Srđan and his Supernatural gang are aiming to restructure the island, Ada Huja, on the river Danube. For decades, the island Ada Huja was used as a dump and landfill for debris. The project Supernatural transformed it into a remarkable green oasis with a "green" classroom, a greenhouse for cultivating plants, a family playground, a beach bar and 000 square meters of planted trees such as European ash, common oak, willow... Thus we are witnessing "development projects" that are happening throughout the region and are used as a cover to alienate public assets and the permanent abolishment of amazing landscapes. Supernatural shows us a specific example on how it could and should be done.

The story about this beautiful venture will be told first-hand by its creator on Kinofokus, section of Kinookus FFF 2012.