Kinookus for the "recycled" cinema theatre in Ston


Stolice Sloboda Ston

On the initiative of the members of the Association Kinookus, supported by Kinematografi Dubrovnik, old chairs from the cinema theatre "Sloboda" in Dubrovnik have been moved to the Rector's Palace in Ston. It is the first step of the Kinookus Association plan to found a recycled multipurpose hall there.

The transportaton of the chairs to Ston was organized with the help of Dubrovnik Cinemas and the local Tourist Board. "Our wish is that after five days of film releasing, meetings, lectures, workshops and good food tasting there remains a visible trace of the efforts and good energy that Kinookus had created in Ston. At the opening of the first edition of the Festival our wish to the inhabitants of Ston was that Kinookus meant the returning or the cinematheatre to their town accompanied by much richer cultural life. This is the first step towards the realization of this objective", said Maro Kockovic, the President of the Kinookus Association.